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Ardent reader, kirukkufying something, want to travel with characters around me.

Tamil Novel Thithikuthey 3

Hi Makkale

thanks very much for your likes and comments. ttk next episode is updated., please read and share your views.


Tamil Novel Paramapatham 5

hai makkale

thanks for ur likes and comments for paramapatham. please read the next episode and share your views makkale 🙂

Tamil Novel VNE 16

Hi makkale

thanks all for your love and support. thanks for likes and comments. many of you have some or more questions in your mind. Surely it will be answered. this episode is somewhat an experiment for me. please read and share your views. If you find anything odd with keralite culture facts, please inform me. I may have an explanation.

thanks makkale


Tamil novel thithikuthey 2

Hai makkale

thanks for your likes and comments for thithikuthey and paramapatham.

Keep reading and supporting!

Tamil novel paramapatham 4

Tamil Novel VNE 15

Hai Friends

thanks everybody for the likes and comments. much elated makkale. next episode is updated . please read and share your views.

Tamil novel thithikuthey 1

Tamil Novel Paramapatham 3

Tamil Novel VNE14

Tamil novel Paramapatham 2

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