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Sashi Murali

Sashi Murali
Ardent reader, kirukkufying something, want to travel with characters around me.

Ani Shiva’s Agalya 7

Hai Makkale

Thanks for ur likes and comments for last episode. Ani shiva have updated the next episode. please read and share your thoughts.

Ani Shiva’s Agalya 4

Ishu’s Dhuruvangal

Ani Shiva’s Agalya

Hai Makkale

Here is the new entrant Ani Shiva with her novel ‘AGALYA’. It is a soft romantic family oriented story. please read and share your comments.

Sashi Murali

Tamil Novel Thithikuthey final

Hi Makkale

here is the final epi of thithikuthey. please read and share ur opinions.

Tamil Novel Thithikuthey 12

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