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Paramapatham 24

Paramapatham 24 here is the next update of paramapatham Episode 24          

Paramapatham 23

Hai makkale Thanks for all your critiques and remarks. Your support makes me move! Thanks buddies :) and game come to the prefinal  stage.I want to...

Paramapatham 22

Hi Makkale  paramapatham next episode is updated . thanks for all your comments. konjam short aa eluthi mudichudalaamu ninaichen . but emotions correct a convey...

Paramapatham climax part 1

Hi makkale kutty update thaan .but seekkiram kuduthudalaamnnu kuduthutten . this is part one and nextpart will be  updated by night.thanks for all comments makkale...

Paramapatham 21

Hi Friends Next episode of paramapatham is updated. the next one is the climax...please read and share your views makkale ! thanks for all comments...

Paramapatham 20

Hi friends PARAMAPATHAM next episode is updated! here some of the questions are answered and life of subarna takes a new turn and travel into...


Hai Friends paramapatham episode 19 is updated. please read and share ur valuble views makkaas :) Episode 19  

Paramapatham 18

Hai Friends paramapatham episode 18 is updated. please read and share ur valuble views makkaas :) Episode 18  

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