1. மிக மிக அருமையான நாவல் இந்த ‘’சாக்கலேட் பக்கங்கள்’’, சஷி முரளி டியர்
    எனக்கு ரொம்பவே பிடிச்ச நாவல் பா
    உங்களுடைய எல்லா நாவல்களுமே எனக்கு ரொம்பவே பிடிக்கும் சஷி முரளி செல்லம்
    அதிலும் ‘’தித்திக்குதே’’ ‘’பரமபதம்’’ ‘’சக்ரவியூகம்’’ இந்த மூன்றும் ரொம்பவே பிடிக்கும் சஷி முரளி டியர்

  2. Hi Sashi – I am a big fan of your stories. I recently had a baby and didn’t get to read CP from the beginning. Can you please let me know how I can read the story from EP1?

  3. Hi

    Thanks very much for all your efforts. Very recently I have made a post in FB. Sorry don’t mistake me. Really I felt bad when you have stopped updating in your web……

    Really speaking only very few writer are really writing… When reading CP in many updates I really really saw the characters in my imagination where your writing brought the chrs in visual…

    Excellent writing skill… the way you portrait is awesome.. keep writing… dont disappoint fans like me…

    Good Luck and thanks again for your priceless efforts….

    • Hai Uma

      not at all pa …but the fact is lack of tym 🙁 u might have been noticed through out the day i have to spend my tym to make the site to run smoothly. everybody expects the easier way to read …for that i ve to spend my whole of day to search for responsive plugins. it is really hard pa …thats y i had avoided the site in the past … i dont mstake anybody …u people are more affectionate and this affinity makes me to work. Happy reading and keep supporting!

      • Thanks Sashi after your post i have started making comments after reading stories…… slowly will increase the duration too. can understand the pain……. good luck

  4. Worth the wait! Read the last few chapters and the final episode today. Characters were presented with their own uniqueness. The family feuds were realistically portrayed. Last chapter கொஞ்சம் போர் அடிச்சுது. okay but not in Sasi style like earlier chapters. ஆனால் the trio speed ride படா குஷிதான்! இது Sasi style!
    Best Wishes!

  5. thank u very much shashi,

    vartheye varavillai, yeppadi nandri solluvathu yentre theriya villai, latcham kodi murai thanks pa

    thank u very much, panam illa ore karanathal oru book patikka mudiyavillai yenpathu evalavu kodumai yenpathu, anupavithu parthal than theriyum, pathi kathai pattithu vittu mithi ending illamal , manathil athu oru oramai pirandi konde irrukkum , appa yenna oru vali theiyuma , inntru nan avalavu santhosamaka ullen, thank u very much shashi

  6. hai sasi supr stryma,oru vazhiya fulla padicchuttaen.usrname password maranthu enna seyyanu thaeriyaama mblela olunga cnct aaha maataenkuthuma thirumba oru vazhiya sari aayiducchu.
    intha stryla friendship,love familynu ellamae rmba nalla irunthathu ellarumae thappu seithavanga thaan athaey naeram avanga idatthula irunthu paartha athu sari .rmba nalla solli irunthingapa.supr stryma.

  7. Hi Sashi….super….super….thanks for a wonderful my favourite dark chocolate treat…unga story la ulla class and andha richness i always love that adhuvum varun and Gautham ndra double treat oda…. i thoroughly enjoyed…

  8. hai sasi very very thanks for cp final, you are really amazing writer, please donot stop your writing,
    we are waiting for next novels. This story is very different story and again i am thanking you thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks bye Nega.

  9. We have waited for a long time but after reading the updates felt thtitis worth waiting more than this.very nice and wonderful ending.i thought how will you justify gowthams attitude. Any thing he may justify but it is not acceptable for his attitude towards adhi . But because of the love adhi forget and forgive gowthams. It makes me to read the episodes many times. I feel this will be your master piece. Waiting and wanting more from you. Congrats and bestwishes

  10. enungaa…. full view la padika mudiyadhaa…. within page kulla dhan view panna mudiyumaa…. pls solllunga paaaaa…. adhave kuru kurunu uthu paka vendyadhaa irku…. 🙁

  11. hi CP full a padichitten superoooo super….ovvoru chrctors um romba super specialy goutham semma chrctor enaku awalo pidichchi irundhichi… tnx 4 super story…neenga innam innam ithe pola nalla kathaigal ezhutha vazhthukkal….


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