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S.No Name Author Edition Price
1 Chocolate pakkangal Sashi Murali 1 360
2 Kalaaba Kaathalaa Sashi Murali 2 190
3 Ninaithaale inikkum Sashi Murali 1 110
4 Ok en kalvanin madiyil Tamil Madura 1 110
5 Anal Mele panithuli Ramya Swaminath 1 170
6 urugumo uraipani Sara 1 170
7 En swasam neeye Prathyuksha Prajodh 1 160
8 Chakraviyugam ( Sashi Murali 1 290
9 Thiravatho unthan ullam Ramya Swaminath 1 195
10 Nizhale nijamaai Prathyuksha Prajodh 1 130
11 Poi Poottu* Prathyuksha Prajodh 1 160
12 Yaayum nyaayum yaaraagiyaro* Sara 1 230
13 Agalya* Ani Shiva 1 150




  1. Priyanka, As always, amazing writing and attention to details. Your stories and narrations make me feel whether everything is real and whether it happened somewhere. It’s that realistic!

    After reading 10 episodes I have a doubt. Please don’t curse me 🙂 Are Madhu and Parthiban the read characters? Are they going to get married in an awkward situation out of no choice? Is Parthiban going to take the decision to save her from some danger? Is most of the story about how Parthiban and Madhu are going to like and love each other?

    So many questions, illa? Quiz master aayitten!!! Seekkiram updates pottu doubt clear pannunga, please.



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