Hai Friends

thanks everybody for the likes and comments. much elated makkale. next episode is updated . please read and share your views.




  1. Hi sasi,
    Super story…i like hero heroine conversation..its very nice..thanks for regular updates but whr s tdy ud?eagerly waiting pa…

  2. Hei Sashi Murali, very very nice ud pa
    romba arumaiyana, azhagana, lovely story pa
    innum nirayaa sollanum pa
    but time illathalthaal, intha chinna comment pa
    yen pa Thamizhnath-than oru ponnu, love-yai solla vetkapadukkiraal, and shy=yaga feel pannuraal, and marriage vera fix agivittathu
    but intha Shreedharan Verma-vukku ivalidam love-yai solla enna thayakkam?
    avvalavu periya big shot-aga, perum pulliyaaga iruppavan kooda love-yil sarukkukiraan polavae
    thanukkuriyaval, thanakkagavae piranthaval, ena iShreedharan Verma mudivu seiyatha pinnae, ingu vandhu vittaanaa pa?
    to mayy Tamizhnathi?
    hei, ivalukku fix seiytha Sreedhar yaaruppa?
    oru velai, Shreedharan Verma=vum, Sreedharum orea nabar/aalaa paa?
    waiting for your next lovely ud Sashi Murali dear

  3. Kochu Thamburaan is Sridharan verma right. So he’s back.

    Very interesting. In the first few pages I too missed Sridharan verma like English river. But in the middle he came with his same cool attitude.

    I am eagerly waiting to know how he won’t miss Tamizhnadhi in the upcoming episodes.

    Thank you Sashi for the regular updates.

  4. hi sashi
    very interesting ud with thamizhnathy’s missing her love sridhar….
    n this sridhar also working in alapi n does his sudden exit something connected to sridar verma??
    fantastic twists that make this story very interesting…
    awaiting ur nxt ud

  5. ரொம்பவே விறுவிறுப்பாக போகிறது. தினம் ஒரு அப்டேட். சூப்பர்


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